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Hugh smolders
Earlier today I was doing my weekly "check eBay for Hugh Fraser items" (you know, as you do), and I found these Hugh Fraser sighed doodle cards for the Our Disappearing Planet charity. They are absolutely the cutest thing! I bought a couple of them, and I thought you all might be interested.

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Hastings is listening patiently
almaviva90 pointed out that this picture was on Ebay, and I was so taken by it that I had to buy it. I was so enamored, in fact, that I wrote a P/H story inspired by it. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

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A clip from "A House Divided" from 'The Bretts' (1988)
La ci darem la mano
Seeing that the screencaps from this series were well-received, I've uploaded a clip where Oliver Mortimer (Hugh Fraser) makes his first appearance in The Bretts. The series basically follows the lives of an English theatrical family in the 1920s with Charles Brett (Norman Rodway) being the patriarch of the family.  

Oliver Mortimer, a barrister, initially makes an appearance in this episode to sort out some of Charles' legal problems but then later is asked to help when Charles' daughter, Martha (Belinda Lang) is assaulted by her womanising boyfriend, Eduardo de Freitas-Curtis (who is interestingly played by Oliver Cotton who Poirot fans might remember as Marie Marvelle's villainous husband in "The Adventure of the Western Star"). However, there are several problems with the case which might result in Martha losing her reputation rather than winning the which for obvious reasons doesn't go down very well with Martha.

It's somewhat the soap opera type of fare (which I normally don't make a habit of watching) but the scene in which Oliver and Martha battle it out on their first meeting is just too good not to be shared (smouldering Fraser galore!) as well as the subsequent hilarious 'confrontation' of sorts when Oliver later has the nerve to ask her out to dinner. Personally I love Hugh's lovely blend of eloquence and cheekiness in this's quite refreshing to see him play someone other than Hastings from time to time.

The clip's about 11 minutes long (.wmv format) and is 149 MB in size. There is some mild language but nothing too serious. You can download it here.


First post and a big picspam for good measure: HF as Oliver Mortimer in 'The Bretts' (1988)
La ci darem la mano
I had planned to post these screencaps on my own personal journal but after realising that there's nearly nowhere on the web to share/post/fangirl over the wonderful actor that is Hugh Fraser, I decided to make a LJ solely dedicated to the man himself and spare my friends who are not all that interested in Mr Fraser, Fraser!Hastings or Fraser!Wellington from my monumental picspams and share them instead with like-minded Fraser admirers.

And so here it is...I do hope you enjoy the new community and without further ado, here's the good Hugh Fraser as Oliver Mortimer (probably one of my favourite Fraser roles) in the second series of The Bretts (or to me, the television series where he gets so many gorgeous closeup shots that it takes one's breath away...).
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