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Hastings is listening patiently
cicerothewriter wrote in fraser_fans
almaviva90 pointed out that this picture was on Ebay, and I was so taken by it that I had to buy it. I was so enamored, in fact, that I wrote a P/H story inspired by it. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

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*is entirely lost for words*

That is just...hmm...excuse me while I faint over here.

But yay, I'm so glad that you finally got it!

Hehe, I sympathize. Whenever I look at this photo, I blush and have to hold back the nervous giggles.

Yay! I'm glad, too! :0D

I have no doubt of that...after writing such a delicious oneshot like the one you wrote the other day, I'm certain anyone would be hard-pressed not to start giggling.


Aww, thanks. It's Hugh's fault, though, for being so sexy. :0D

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