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First post and a big picspam for good measure: HF as Oliver Mortimer in 'The Bretts' (1988)
La ci darem la mano
almaviva90 wrote in fraser_fans
I had planned to post these screencaps on my own personal journal but after realising that there's nearly nowhere on the web to share/post/fangirl over the wonderful actor that is Hugh Fraser, I decided to make a LJ solely dedicated to the man himself and spare my friends who are not all that interested in Mr Fraser, Fraser!Hastings or Fraser!Wellington from my monumental picspams and share them instead with like-minded Fraser admirers.

And so here it is...I do hope you enjoy the new community and without further ado, here's the good Hugh Fraser as Oliver Mortimer (probably one of my favourite Fraser roles) in the second series of The Bretts (or to me, the television series where he gets so many gorgeous closeup shots that it takes one's breath away...).

Series 2, Episode 3: "A House Divided"

Series 2, Episode 4: "The Luck of the Irish"

Series 2, Episode 5: "I've Got You Under My Skin"

Series 2, Episode 6: "The Golden Dustman"

And yes, the lucky lady who has him by the arm in the last cap really does take the fellow away both onscreen and in real's Belinda Lang or otherwise known as Mrs Hugh Fraser. :)

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It had to be done, of course, and I'm glad you did it! Now I can commune with like-minded Fraser fans. :0D

And these are brilliant! I'm about to faint...

Yes, it really had to be done in the end...LJ could not tolerate the lack of Fraser awesomeness forever, you know!

And yes, fainting is a perfectly understandable reaction here...I don't blame you in the least!

Mother of god spread thickly on a Triscuit, I'm dying. Those eyes, that mouth... he's so delicate and masculine at the same time.

Joined. I eagerly await more Frasergasmic picspams.

I know... *sighs*

Great! I shall do my best to supply them and so will cicerothewriter too! :)

(Deleted comment)
Welcome to the comm and thanks for joining! And yes, he is a most beautiful fellow indeed...

I think I've died and gone to heaven <3

Thank you SO MUCH for posting these and please never stop!
*is very happy right nao :3*

...also I'd still hit that like whoa ;D

You're very welcome! Besides, the world needs more Fraser love seeing that there's a woeful lack of pictures of him on the web.

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